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  Webinar Overview: Welcome to our healthcare compliance webinar featuring Frank Cohen, a seasoned expert in healthcare compliance software solutions. Key Topics Covered: In this webinar, we delve into the following topics:
  • Introduction to Statistics: Inferential statistics, statistics terms, and definitions.
  • Statistical Application to Compliance: Learn how statistics are applied in effected healthcare compliance.
  • Risk Analysis: Learn how our software drills down into provider risk levels and compares them to national and state averages.
  • Period Spotlight Dashboard: Discover how to identify top specialties, providers, and procedure codes, facilitating period-to-period comparisons.
  • Opportunity Analysis for E&M Codes: Understand how our software assesses potential under-coding issues based on a proprietary acuity factor model.
  • Time Analysis: Explore how our software identifies discrepancies in provider time reporting, crucial for regulatory compliance and audit avoidance.
  • Streamlined Audit Processes: Learn how our software prioritizes claims with specific procedures, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks.
  • Predictive Analytics: Understand how our software differentiates from benchmark-based approaches, offering personalized demos and discussions to address specific challenges.
  • Incentives for Participation: Discover how participants receive Amazon gift cards for engaging in demos, enhancing engagement and adoption.
  • Gratitude and Commitment: Experience our appreciation for your participation and enthusiasm, highlighting our commitment to providing valuable insights and support for healthcare compliance initiatives.
Overall, our webinar offers a comprehensive overview of statistical terms, inferential statistics, and definitions that are crucial for healthcare compliance professionals. The aim is to empower organizations to navigate complex compliance requirements with confidence and efficiency. Learn how you can streamline auditing processes and ensure regulatory compliance effectively using statistics and our software.