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Why CRA?

Be ready for your coding compliance audit

Mitigate Your Organization's Risk

Compliance Risk Analyzer (CRA) is a suite of tools developed with one goal in mind: to level the playing field for physicians, APPs and hospitals. CRA analyzes 100% of the insurance claims you submit – and using algorithms derived from the application of predictive analytics, identifies high-risk providers, services and procedures, so you can spend less time searching for problems and more time fixing them.

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Your Coding Compliance, All in One Place

Risk Assessment

An easy-to-understand dashboard that displays the level of outpatient risk across five major categories: E&M, Non-E&M, RVU, Modifier, and Time.

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Audit Preparation

CRA produces a risk-based audit plan organized by code AND by provider, giving you a bird’s eye view of what your payers see and the peace of mind that comes with being prepared.

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Outpatient Audit Tracking

CodeTrakker® captures your internal reviews of outpatient procedure codes and modifiers that have been identified as at risk for audit.

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Inpatient Audit Tracking

For Hospitals, DRGTrakker® captures your internal reviews of diagnosis and procedure codes to ensure that you have selected and reported the correct DRG codes.

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Customer Support

With a dedicated team of physician advocates, CRA has the best customer support of any compliance tool on the market. We provide training and customized reports at no additional cost to help you get up and running as soon as possible.

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See Why Over 35,000 Providers Nationwide Are Using CRA

Predictive classification

Predictive algorithms classify your data into one of two categories; either risk or no risk.

Near-time analytics

CRA refines it’s predictive capabilities through the use of specialty-specific cohort data that goes well beyond just benchmarking against Medicare data.

Risk engine optimization

Over time, CRA will optimize the risk engine, resulting in significantly fewer false positives.

Proven results

Your organization is left with dramatically increased efficiency and clear paths toward financial reconciliation.

Put Predictive Analytics to Work for Your Organization

CRA uses Predictive algorithms to classify your data to see whether an event meets the threshold for risk. Those predictions are then refined using cohort data, industry standards and audit rules designed to ensure that we never miss a risk event while, over time, learning and adjusting to your audit results, significantly reducing the false positives that may occur. Your organization is left with dramatically increased efficiency and a workflow that is directed toward a path of due diligence with respect to your compliance strategies and efforts.

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Created to Protect Physicians

When the Fraud Prevention System (FPS) was introduced in 2011, we saw the balance of power tilted well in favor of both government and private payers. So, we created an application that levels the playing field by offering sophisticated analytics to let you see risk the way payers do. From the start, it has been our goal to provide CRA clients with a risk-based audit workflow that is easy to access and understand so they can focus on patient care rather than audits and recoupment demands.

Why CRA?

A Few Words from Our Clients

“Their accessibility is unmatched; they make themselves available for quick calls as well as for in-depth discussions about the CRA reports. Furthermore, they routinely incorporate feedback from users to enhance CRA.”

Director, Systems Ethics & Compliance

An Ohio Healthcare Systems | 35K Providers

“The predictive analytics that are available with the Compliance Risk Analyzer (CRA) program mimic some of the same data mining techniques our payers are using today to locate risk and potential audit opportunities. This program has given us the opportunity to really zone in on our risk areas and audit providers that are flagged as high-risk along with the codes that are identified.”

Compliance Senior Analyst

A Michigan Healthcare System | 4.5K Providers

“We had several providers selected for a TPE audit. Using CRA, we were able to confirm that these providers were the top utilizers of the code; it contributed significantly to their risk score and was on their audit plan. Using CRA will now allow us to be proactive so we can respond to these audits with confidence.”

Director Of Compliance

A Midwest Integrated Health System | 1.8K Providers