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Real-Time Audit Documentation


CodeTrakker is your tool to capture procedure and modifier reviews of physicians and APP providers. This is where the top coding issues facing your organization, identified by CRA, are put into a solutions-based action plan.

Claim samples are generated based on CRA’s risk assessment or any external events. Your team’s findings are used to provide feedback to the analysis engine, continuously improving the results for maximized efficiency over time.

CodeTrakker™ Features

The Review Process Promotes Auditor Productivity

Using the audit plans generated by CRA or your compliance policies, reviewers can easily define the universe of claims with which to work and select a sample to review.  Reviews are generated with the majority of the form pre-populated and placed in the reviewers’ queue. Entering findings is straightforward and has efficiency boosters such as:

  • An evaluation and management code scoring engine – fully document your findings and CodeTrakker will determine the correct level of service.
  • A custom notes library – lets you save and insert custom notes to ensure standard and error-free messages are delivered to providers.
The Review Process Auditor Productivity Screenshot

CodeTrakker Analytics

With CRA’s many tracking features, organizations are transformed into an agile, accurate coding compliance team, making significant improvements with speed and precision.  Analyze and monitor:

  1. Education and Remediation Efficacy
  2. Coding Behavior
    1. Issues with a high likelihood of being audited 
    2. Actions that are causing the increased risk
    3. Accurate coding habits that are currently in practice
    4. Coders who need improvement
  3. Trend of Coding Accuracy
  4. Reviewer Productivity
A detailed audit report with bubble graphs.


CodeTrakker generates a detailed audit report for you to review with your providers. The report identifies any codes that were not supported and clearly highlights the underlying components that led to selecting a different code. This simplifies the process of determining why the reviewer disagreed with the billed code and serves as a convenient education step

You can customize the appearance and content of these reports, saving you time and giving you a valuable educational tool to streamline the provider education and feedback process. The report will give providers the ability to review the findings and cite exactly where and why a billed code wasn’t supported.

A table showing the results of the CodeTrakker analytics results.

A Few Words from Our Clients

“Their accessibility is unmatched; they make themselves available for quick calls as well as for in-depth discussions about the CRA reports. Furthermore, they routinely incorporate feedback from users to enhance CRA.”

Director, Systems Ethics & Compliance

An Ohio Healthcare Systems | 35K Providers

“The predictive analytics that are available with the Compliance Risk Analyzer (CRA) program mimic some of the same data mining techniques our payers are using today to locate risk and potential audit opportunities. This program has given us the opportunity to really zone in on our risk areas and audit providers that are flagged as high-risk along with the codes that are identified.”

Compliance Senior Analyst

A Michigan Healthcare System | 4.5K Providers

“We had several providers selected for a TPE audit. Using CRA, we were able to confirm that these providers were the top utilizers of the code; it contributed significantly to their risk score and was on their audit plan. Using CRA will now allow us to be proactive so we can respond to these audits with confidence.”

Director Of Compliance

A Midwest Integrated Health System | 1.8K Providers